We believe that training and learning must extend far beyond conventional classroom training courses. Our approach is creative, innovative, and open-minded in the hope that those attending their courses will discover learning in virtually every new experience. This learning could be for the individual, their team, or their organization. If you want to make a difference it is important to think through what really helps people to change. And it is this thought that permeates through all the design of our programmes.  We aim to base all our training with a theoretical structure, we use different models, tools and techniques.  We aim to accelerate learning by using brain-friendly techniques, psychological transference of learning back into the work/life environment and one of the main pieces of feedback we receive is that our training is enjoyable, fun and memorable.  

Please see the different links for a list of the courses we have already designed and/or delivered – but as mentioned above, we bespoke any training intervention and have not yet, in 20 years of service, literally taken a programme off the shelf and delivered it …

“Pheona explained everything very clearly. The content was exactly what I expect and possibly one of the most beneficial courses I’ve attended”. Next Steps in Marketing – Hatfield

“Have enjoyed the course and very impressed by the trainer’s ability to lift and involve the group as necessary to bring about optimum learning.” Developing your Coaching – Enfield