Pheona Croom-Johnson’s current coaching model:

  • I use an integrative relational framework which uses different theories, frameworks, tools, techniques and models.
  • I seek to ensure our co-created relationship is central to our working conversation.
  • I seek to balance the power within our roles, mindful of assumptions and values that both the coach and coachee bring to the relationship.
  • My focus is on linguistic, implicit communications, stated behaviours and actions.
  • My goal is to journey with the client in order to help them move towards their goal.
  • I constantly recognise the privilege I have of working with people in this way.

In relation to coaching, here are the different stages within the coaching partnership:

Contracting and relationship building phase

  • This is the first meeting which determines whether the ‘chemistry’ works between the coachee/coach
  • Set expectations and how we want to work together
  • Complete a contract with the identified outcomes, if they are known.

The Learning Phase
This is where the partnership begins to take shape.  During this phase the meetings often consist of such steps as:

  • Update on developmental activities
  • Joint analysis of issues and problems
  • Development of options, strategies and plans to implement and evaluate results
  • Identify any issues around psychological view of self i.e. self-esteem and confidence
  • Promoting learning and support links with other colleagues, creating a broader team concept
  • Specific guidance, advice, or coaching to support attainment of learning objectives

The Attainment Phase
Typically, this is where both parties realise that the major goals of the process are coming to fruition. Discussions take place as to how the coachee will be continuing to move forwards – what forms of support do they need for the future? etc.

The Ending Phase
The coach-coachee relationship enters a new phase.  The coaching partnership comes to an end, the coachee has achieved the goals they originally identified and both parties bring their working relationship to an end.