New Manager Coaching


Having just been promoted to the role of manager or having been in role for a number of months/years – it can be challenging to manage all the different layers of responsibility you now find you are expected to manage.  There are a number of new skills to learn, people to work with, people to manage, results to achieve, results for those you manage to achieve, management of your team’s performance as well as the day job!

CJ Associates approaches new managers in different ways – tailoring their intervention to the needs of each manager.  An example of an approach would for the new manager often the first 90 days are cited as the most important.  CJ Associates offer a structured approach to those first 90 days which can help the new manager in the following ways:

  • Establish a realistic plan for their new position
  • Identify their managerial style
  • Transition from their old role into their new role
  • Identify early wins
  • Identify strengths/weaknesses of the new team
  • Use a number of tools/techniques/theories/models to create firm foundations for the team
  • Identify ways of accelerating your own performance during this time of change.