Executive Coaching


CJ Associates has been providing Executive Coaching for a number of organisations.  Their Executive coaching uses research-based psychological, business and interpersonal methodologies combined with commercial experience to accelerate and release the Executive’s full potential.

Corporate and executive coaching can be used to support individuals and managers by:

  • Identifying and positively addressing commercial issues
  • Developing highly effective working relationships
  • Planning career goals and how to achieve them
  • Helping individuals who have reached a plateau to rediscover their motivation
  • Aligning personal and professional values, beliefs and aspirations
  • Providing personal development for valuable executives and managers
  • Facilitating change and the adoption of new behaviours
  • Exploring the dynamics of managing others to greater effectiveness.

CJ Associates prides itself on significant repeat business.  One organisation has been using CJ Associates for coaching and mentoring for more than 12 years.