Career Coaching


Would you like to find greater career fulfilment and expand your horizons?

CJ Associates run a programme called “The Firework Career Coaching Programme’ which is a ground-breaking and unique programme to enable individuals to identify what it is they want their career to be.  Firework’s reputation as a quality brand has grown over the years and Firework is now an International Coach Federation approved programme.  Pheona Croom-Johnson, of CJ Associates, is a trained and licensed Firework coach.

The Firework Career Coaching programme was developed and tested over three years to help clients who were looking to change their career, or who had to review their future due to a number of different reasons.  And the result is that it really does work! Using the Firework programme, clients find the work they were born to do.

The Firework Programme is between a 15 and 20 hours (if you would like the 15 hour format, more of the work needs to be completed outside the sessions).  There are a number of elements which are completed as ‘homework’ and this programme is really only suitable for those who are committed to make a change…

A guide to the 20 hours in 10 face-to-face sessions is as follows:-

Session 1:  Exercises, Ideas Bank and Stars.  (2 hours)
Session 2:  MBTI, EQi or any other appropriate psychometric (2 hours)
Session 3:  Values  (2  hours)
Session 4:  Life’s Purpose, exercises, visual and mind orientating (2 hours)
Session 5:  Skills, strengths, achievements and motivators (1 hour)
Session 6:  Creating the Ideal Life (1½  hour)
Session 7:  Oysters and Stargazing (2 hours)
Session 8:  Generating Options,Creating 3 possibilities (2 hours)
Session 9:  Creating a compelling vision and spectrum of options  (2 hours)
Session 10:Building the bridge and Action Planning  (2 hours)

Final Review:  Reviewing and refining (1½ hours)

20 hour programme