Coaching is especially valuable in the development of individuals.  It is a place where individuals can truly be themselves and know that their coach will be with them, in a non-judgmental way, as they move towards their goals.  Coaching respectfully challenges, redirects, help to reframe, develop an understanding of psychological drivers and enables individuals to develop a clearer understanding of who they are, their motivations, strengths and weaknesses which directly and indirectly impacts their whole life.

CJ Associates holds the belief that everyone has the resources to work through their opportunities/challenges and their role is to help facilitate that journey.  They will use different theoretical frameworks, methods and techniques dependent on the client need and is flexible in their style and approach.

Their main coach – Pheona Croom-Johnson – cites two of her passions:

  • Firstly the opportunity to assist in developing patterns of behaviour to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Secondly, to maximize effective communication by increasing self awareness and developing communication options.

There are different stages within a coaching partnership and details of these can be found within the Methodology and Tools page under the title ‘models’.  There is also the current coaching model of Pheona Croom-Johnson situated in the same place.