Business Clients


          CJ Associates has been working in the field of learning and development for the past 20 years. They are skilled in their interventions and seek to collaborate with their clients to ensure each intervention is considered, impactful, practical and mindful.  They design and deliver a wide variety of courses which are suitable for a range of professionals, from those beginning their career, right up to courses for seasoned professionals. Please see the current list of all the courses that are currently available. They also have specialist areas such as: communication; 90 days for the new manager, change management; psychometrics; behaviour and its impact, mediating disputes and generally managing conflict.  All these specialist areas focus on enabling people to move forward in order to achieve their outcomes and thereby achieve the goals of their organisation.

“Pheona has inspired me in a business sense and as a fellow trainer.” Managing Your Business – Chichester.

“I really enjoyed the workshops and Pheona was a great and inspirational trainer.” Team Management – Chichester.

“There were a lot of things that will make me stop and think and my own reactions but also bear in mind other people’s feelings and values, not just focusing on the end goal.” Working with Parents and Carers – Enfield.