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Apr 162014

I recently facilitated and presented at the ECF2014 conference in Oxford.  What an amazing conference.  The conference split into three different streams and the stream I was involved with was leadership within all areas of media.

Branislava Milosevic (Digital Consultant and Strategist – @bubana | asked me to attend the conference as we have worked together in the past.  My role was to facilitate the groups and to present on the following subjects: change management – why it fails and steps to create success, feedback – giving and receiving and managing others – yourself, your boss and your peers.  Great subjects for discussion and the group were engaged, creative and thoughtful.

I met some incredible people whose energy, enthusiasm and creativity was impressive.  I came away encouraged by the use of all aspects of media, more knowledgeable about social media and inspired about the future of digital, in particular.

My encouragement would be that if you are in any way connected to media within organisations – within the third sector or not – this is definitely a conference to attend.


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Website Launch!

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Apr 022014

Today is a landmark day for CJ Associates.  We have been putting together this website with the help (and design expertise) of Kate Ward and are now in the position to go live…  it is a wonderful feeling.  It is strange how talking and planning something over many years can leave you and others wondering if it will ever happen.  And yet, today it has.  What does this say to me.  There are some dreams that are worth holding on to and persevering towards.  Timing is key.  A question for you:  ‘What might you need to bring into reality today?’  And ‘Who might you need to help you?’

Looking forward to hearing from you as my hope is this blog will be used by others as we learn from one another in our experiences of life.



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