CJ Associates is a professional learning and development consultancy providing organisations with innovative, bespoke learning and development interventions. 

We design and deliver a wide range of life-enhancing interventions and programmes.  We facilitate different groups and/or teams, offer a range of coaching interventions and programmes, provide mediation services and use a variety of tools, techniques and psychometrics. Our approach is creative and innovative, often with a theoretical framework to ensure learning is transferred into the workplace and continues long after our intervention. We seek to positively transform behaviours and attitudes with a wide range of learning interventions so that you will see a return on this development investment.

Do look through the range of services we offer, but if you do not immediately see what you are looking for call us to discuss your development needs and we’ll help tailor-make the perfect solution to suit your requirements.

“I worked with Pheona for four sessions over six months. She has been a great coach and really helped me to perform better in the workplace. She is extremely perceptive and her thoughtful manner enabled me to gain insight into my innate behaviours and how to build on them for greater success”  WaterAid – September 2015

“Pheona’s style was, I feel, a perfect fit for me and my style of learning. Supportive, firm and challenging. Going at the pace that I needed and enabling me to get the best from the experience.“ Coaching client